essays and extensions from poetry to prose

  • P-Queue Vol. 10 was released September, 2013 and is now available for purchase!
  • This year marks P-Queue's 10th Anniversary! In celebration of our first decade, we have revamped to accommodate further growth into the next decade beyond. Happy 10th birthday, P-Queue!
  • Among other updates, this site now features a PDF Archive where you can download any/all available out of print volumes of P-Queue. Free downloads!
  • P-queue welcomes its new and incoming editor in chief Amanda Montei!
  • The journal’s retiring co-editors Holly Melgard and Joey Yearous-Algozin (Vol. 8-10) wish to express their deepest gratitude to P-Queue’s contributors and readers, its institutional and material supports, its friends and allies, as well as its preceding editor Andrew Rippeon, its founding editor Sarah Campbell, and its incoming editor Amanda Montei. To all of those without whom the completion of P-Queue’s first decade of production would not have been possible, we say thank you!

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